Cost of Being a Mom

In society today, many have differing views on the subject of being stay-at-home mom vs. being a working mom. Regardless of which category your mother is in, one thing is for sure; mothers sacrifice a superhuman amount of time to take care of the children that they love without asking for much in return.


According to Coupon Box, mothers juggle upwards of 50 job roles on any given day. At first that number seems high, but after considering tasks such as, doing laundry, cooking meals, cleaning, shuttling kids to soccer practice and more, it seems a bit more realistic. On average, mothers spend 96.5 hours per week fulfilling these roles. That’s the equivalent of work 2.4 full-time jobs! If mothers were compensated for their time cleaning up our messes they would on average be paid $119,606 per year in salary. That amount probably falls out of most kids budget for housekeeping. Thankfully, our mothers unconditionally love us and willingly do so much for us without complaint. If we’re not able to cut a check for their services I’m sure they’ll settle for out respect and love.


To learn more about how much mothers would earn if compensated for all they do, check out the infographic below.

Your Mother Would Be Rich (If It Weren’t for YOU!)